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Reducing Foreign Player Busts: Adaptation and Health Means Success

There is speculation among New England Revolution supporters that Didier Domi will be moved during the transfer window. If he leaves he will add to the long line of foreign-born players that have been a bust in a Revolution uniform over the past 16 years.

Since we’re speculating, this post takes a look at some reasons why these failures keep happening and what the front office could do about it.

Naturally Slow to Adapt Players
I suspect the failure of so many foreign Revs players may have to do with a combination of the player’s poor ability to adapt to the Revs’ way of doing things and being let down by the organization. Organizationally, the Revs like structure and data and likely recruit players who fit this model. These types of people also find it difficult to adapt, which could explain why they aren’t adapting so well, getting hurt, playing poorly and leaving.

Let me explain.

The list of New England Revolution foreign busts is growing annually:
2011: Domi (possibly), Lekic (hopefully) Stoli, Perovic
2010: Niouky, EJ, Castro, Badilla, Osei, Assengue

On the field, with the exception of Perovic and perhaps Osei (due to longevity if not performance) every single one of these players has been a complete and utter failure.

Off the field, living in a new culture is a difficult adaptation for anyone, certainly. However, the annual exodus of foreign players is a trend which indicates whomever’s job it is to a) help these players adapt culturally (VP of Player Personnel?) and b) keep them healthy (training staff?) is doing a really poor job. It seems to have gotten worse over the past 3+ years especially.

The Revs need to take a serious look at their methods in these off-field areas as well as how various decisions have been made because adaptation and health certainly correlate to performance and ROI. If you’re not happy you’re probably going to be more tense which …leads to injury.

Ok this post is 100% speculation and I’m neither a doctor nor a Holiday Inn customer but bottom line, ignoring these issues will continue to hurt the organization’s reputation on and off the field – at cost.


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