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Revolution GM and Coaching Search: Will the Revs Hire themselves?

Lots of talk among New England Revolution fans about who the team will hire to replace Steve Nicol. People are throwing out the experience required – should they have coached abroad? Be used to the rules and regulations of MLS? Experience and skills are great but the new Revs’ coach should be compared against a benchmark of the characteristics of the most successful coaches across MLS who have won MLS Cup look like.

Revs Today: Structure and Process
I think if they were surveyed, the entire Revs organization would be very structured and process oriented with a very low sense of urgency. This is how the Krafts themselves appear to be. They have established a work culture that prefers stability when doing business. The evidence for this is how patient they were with Nicol in spite of continually poor results the past 3+ seasons. Nicol also appeared to prefer stability not change.

I wouldn’t doubt Burns is process-oriented and will hire a coach that is much like himself. This is a potentially huge hiring mistake because if we look at a benchmark of the characteristics of the most successful management teams league wide in this era of MLS, they probably act with a greater sense of urgency and may even be less collaborative in their decision making. The Revs need to understand how the most successful coaches and GM’s in the league work – how they make decisions, their sense or urgency, etc then hire accordingly, rather than preserve the status quo and just hire themselves unless this is what is required to win MLS Cup.


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