The 2013 Revs: Offseason Targets (Part 1)

It’s been an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend loaded with family, friends and feasting. While I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet, I’ll be tempted to check for some great Cyber Monday deals tomorrow as there’s plenty of bargains to be had.

Speaking of bargain shopping..

With the early activity by the Revs, re-signing old friend Andy Dorman and Kalifa Cisse, I thought it would be timely to throw out a few ideas on moves that may enhance the 2013 revs. Since there are literally thousands of prospective players that could help this team, I decided to attack the problem of improving the revs by writing a series of blogs that highlight specific angles that the Front Office could take to improve this club on the field.

This entry has been inspired by an interesting trend I noticed while perusing (one of the best soccer geek stat sites on the web, by the way). Just like there are well known agents in other sports like Scott Boras from baseball, who have an extensive history of working with teams like the sox, the revs seem to favor doing business with the Wasserman Media Group. Based on the public transfermarkt listing, I noticed a whole slew of current and former revs are clients:

Current Revs: Saer Sene, Lee Nguyen, Bobby Shuttleworth, Kevin Alston, Blair Gavin, Chris Tierney, Clyde Simms, Darrius Barnes and Stephen McCarthy

Former Revs: Brad Knighton, Jeff Larentowicz, Pat Noonan, Chris Albright, Cory Gibbs

Since the revs seem to have a strong working relationship with Wasserman based on their current and past clients, there may be other Wasserman clients that could improve the revs in 2013. Here are a few.


Chris Seitz, FC Dallas. The revs will have a giant hole to fill in goal once Matt Reis moves on, making this offseason a prime opportunity to sign a strong understudy. Seitz, 25, is a MLS keeper that would be on my list if the revs could pry him away from Dallas.

Matthew Pyzdrowski, Ängelholms FF, Sweden. The 26 year old American goalkeeper has put together impressive number of shutouts abroad, with 8 in 32 appearances 2 seasons ago for his club.

Jeff Attinella, Tampa Bay Rowdies. The 24 year old had an impressive 11 shutouts in 29 matches during the 2012 season, making him another candidate for the revs to consider.


The revs need to improve in the back if they hope to compete for the playoffs. At the top of my list would be CB’s Omar Gonzalez or AJ De La Garza from LA, although it’s doubtful the Galaxy would easily part with either one of them. At left back, Marc Burch from Seattle would be a strong addition to the back line considering he was a key part of one of the stingiest defenses in MLS in 2012.  For right back, Jason Hernandez from the San Jose Earthquakes would be my choice if the Revs could ever get him.

Midfielders and Forwards

With a glut of midfielders that includes the versatile Toja and recent acquisitions of Kalifa Cisse and Andy Dorman, it’s possible the revs have nearly finished their offseason shopping. However, it’s possible they could find a depth forward to complement Sene and Bengtson. 


The next entry will focus on lesser known, but high quality targets outside the scope of this Agent’s clients the revs could go after.