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US Open Cup at Harvard: Boston’s Urban Soccer Specific Stadium Audition

This post is a bit of a rant because the Revs getting an urban soccer specific stadium accessible via the T is a topic I’m very passionate about because it’s vital to the future success of this club.

Please note, this mini rant isn’t directed at anyone specifically, in general I personally hate when fans and MLS pundits constantly point out that we don’t have our own Soccer Specific Stadium.

We do tonight.

As you’re no doubt aware by now, the New England Revolution host the New York Red Bulls tonight in a 4th round US Open Cup game at 7:30 at Soldier’s Field Soccer Stadium at Harvard.

The revs playing a meaningful game accessible via the T is a LONG time coming. After 18 years, the club finally got it. Lots of people live in the Boston area. Many of those people don’t have cars. Bring them soccer via the annual USOC tournament. Soldier’s Field at Harvard is a great venue. Bingo!

The game is sold out. My fiancee and I will be there, in revs gear. I can’t wait!

I anticipate a loud, passionate, intimate crowd for the Revs USOC accessible by the T and can only dream this is a teaser for things to come.

Doesn’t matter to me that the Bruins are playing – I’m a bruins fan too. We’re all going to miss the first period. This is too important.

My prediction is 2-1 revs. Psyched!


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