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Revs speed past Dynamo to a well-earned three points

Some initial thoughts on the Revs’ win 2-0 road win in Houston tonight. Overall, a very solid road performance tonight. A few things specifically stood out to me. First, the fitness level was impressive. Theres something to having that ex-Spurs fitness coach here. The pace of the passing, the frequent switches and the speed of … Continue reading

What lessons can the Revs learn from the 2016 MLS Cup finalists?

The 2016 season has come to a premature end for the Revs and it’s time to look forward towards 2017. While it’s well documented the Revs aren’t among the big spenders on designated players, I was curious if not spending as a strategy actually had some merit. To find out, I did a quick analysis of … Continue reading

Revs set to finish Red Bulls this weekend at Gillette

A picture is worth a thousand words…. Go Revs!

Who’s the best Revs GM? A look at New England Revolution Draft History 2001-2013

With today’s MLS SuperDraft, I was curious how the revs have done in their recent draft history so did a quick analysis of SuperDraft and Supplemental draft pick success from 2000 onward. Source. I defined “success” by noting players that played at least 2 or more seasons for the revs, analyzing each draft class on its own. I … Continue reading

Budget vs Talent Decision Making: Does higher salary = more success in MLS?

Some revs fans believe Mike Burns and Jay Heaps are hampered with a comparatively small salary budget when compared with their competitors. This may be true to a degree, but when it comes to winning in Major League Soccer, I’m a firm believer it’s “how you spend” not “what you spend.” Recent history has shown … Continue reading

US Open Cup at Harvard: Boston’s Urban Soccer Specific Stadium Audition

This post is a bit of a rant because the Revs getting an urban soccer specific stadium accessible via the T is a topic I’m very passionate about because it’s vital to the future success of this club. Please note, this mini rant isn’t directed at anyone specifically, in general I personally hate when fans … Continue reading

Opening Day Victory: Is it Groundhog Day or Are there Signs of Progress?

Like many revs fans, I woke up this morning with a smile on my face as I drank my coffee. Given the revs have traditionally had a tough start out of the gate, winning the opener on the road is obviously a great way to begin the 2013 season. To win in Chicago is even … Continue reading

The 2013 Revs: Offseason Targets (Part 1)

It’s been an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend loaded with family, friends and feasting. While I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet, I’ll be tempted to check for some great Cyber Monday deals tomorrow as there’s plenty of bargains to be had. Speaking of bargain shopping.. With the early activity by the Revs, re-signing old friend Andy … Continue reading

Where Should Heaps Deploy Benny Feilhaber? 2012 Analysis

It’s been a tough year for the New England Revolution, especially recently as they’re mired in a 0-5-3 run, scoring just 3 goals. While some can be chalked up to bad luck, could it have something to do with tactically where Heaps is playing Benny Feilhaber? Are there any trends of note? Yes – according … Continue reading

The New Data-driven Revs Need to Better Forecast the Impact of Injury on Performance

The Revs announced today the 6th coach in team history is former Rev defender Jay Heaps. While many of the most hardcore Revolution fans were quick to question this high risk, high reward decision considering Heaps has zero coaching experience. Zero. Coaching. Experience. However, as odd as this decision may seem, Jeff Lemieux on the … Continue reading